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ISRO’s Swift Software Development in Chandrayaan-3

We are well-informed about ISRO’s triumph with Chandrayaan-3. However, ISRO’s software engineers achieved a remarkable feat within the same endeavor. The Vikram lander and Pragyan rover accomplished their tasks in three months despite having approximately 100 kilograms of fuel left.

Instead of discarding the fuel, they repurposed it for the “Propulsion Module” of the rover, enabling it to ascend from the lunar surface and return to Earth’s orbit. They also gathered valuable data on the fuel’s physical condition, known as SHAPE, and its surroundings near Earth. This endeavor saves ISRO from the complexities of deploying a new rover on Earth’s trajectory and paves the way for future missions. This achievement is undeniably impressive, I must say.

This initiative was not initially a part of the Chandrayaan-3 project. With the surplus fuel at their disposal, they decided to undertake this project within days, even developing new software code tailored for this purpose. Such an achievement is genuinely remarkable, and their outstanding accomplishment rightly merits the highest accolades from the Indian government.

This exemplifies the innovation and ingenuity of Indian engineers in software development, deserving recognition both within India and on the global stage. Such an accomplishment underscores India’s proficiency in technological innovation, as acknowledged by the esteemed British newspaper, “The Register.” This incident serves as a potent reminder that not all unexpected occurrences are inherently negative; with agility and an open mind, founders and entrepreneurs can leverage the unforeseen to their advantage, paving the way for unprecedented success.