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Power of Premortem in Project Management

The Power of Premortem in Project Management

Despite the rise of advanced productivity tools, AI, and people-centric workplaces, project failures remain a stark reality. New products often underperform in the marketplace, fail to meet customer expectations, or overlook safety in design and manufacturing stages. The recent door panel blowout in Boeing 737-9 MAX and the devastating implosion of the Titan deep-sea submersible…

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Strategic tips for a Gen-Z Inclusive Workplace

In my role as a Founder Catalyst and technology strategy consultant, I have witnessed the evolving landscape of businesses, especially in the context of a diverse, multigenerational workforce. To effectively navigate these waters, I propose the "Anchor & Sail Approach," a strategy that not only addresses the core values and adaptability of an organization but…

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Software Development in Chandrayaan 3

ISRO’s Swift Software Development in Chandrayaan-3

We are well-informed about ISRO's triumph with Chandrayaan-3. However, ISRO's software engineers achieved a remarkable feat within the same endeavor. The Vikram lander and Pragyan rover accomplished their tasks in three months despite having approximately 100 kilograms of fuel left. Instead of discarding the fuel, they repurposed it for the "Propulsion Module" of the rover, enabling…

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