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Founder Catalyst

Introducing 'Founder Catalyst', more than just a book, it's a hands-on mentor and an indispensable guide for today’s technology founders. This unique piece strips away jargon and academic theories, offering instead real-world, practical advice from one CEO to another. Think of it as a confidential adviser for the modern CEO.

In an era where technology founders are constantly navigating the disruptive waves of Artificial Intelligence and the intricate challenges of running a business, 'Founder Catalyst' emerges as a beacon of clarity and support. Covering an extensive range of vital topics – from effective interviewing and hiring strategies to cash flow management, deciphering complex legal contracts, crafting a winning pricing strategy, tackling challenging customers, and ensuring prompt delivery from your team – this book is an all-encompassing resource.

Penned by Venkatarangan Thirumalai, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in starting and managing businesses across India, the USA, and the UK, 'Founder Catalyst' is not just a book. It's a journey of learning and growth, packed with insights and wisdom that can only come from decades of hands-on experience in the trenches of the business world.

Published Book


In today’s dynamic world, smartphones and laptops are not just tools but essential extensions of our personal and professional lives. Nutpam, an innovative book in Tamil, skillfully guides readers through this digital terrain. It provides guidance on navigating popular applications such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, and Chat-GPT, and offers practical advice on choosing the ideal laptop and managing data securely on mobile devices.

Authored by Venkatarangan, a distinguished technology guru with a passion for Tamil, the book unravels complex digital concepts with ease, rendering them accessible to a broad audience. Each chapter is thoughtfully designed to be immediately applicable, enabling readers to harness their digital devices for diverse purposes, ranging from work to leisure. This 250-page compilation, previously featured as a popular weekly column in the Madras Paper online magazine, has garnered acclaim for its lucid exposition and pragmatic insights.

The Author

I was the former CEO of Vishwak Solutions, which I grew into a regional frontrunner with offices in India, Seattle, and London. I was also the co-founder of a fintech startup in Seattle & Chennai that used Azure Artificial Intelligence to reimagine business document management.

I am an advisor to the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation – House of Kalam, Rameswaram, and I am passionate about Tamil language computing. I serve on the technology advisor committee of Tamil Virtual Academy, helping with their digital library and Tamil computing initiatives. I was a member of the Tamil Nadu Government Committee that standardized on Unicode in 2010.


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