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Guiding Team Formation

Guiding Team Formation

As a seasoned entrepreneur who has grown a business from the ground up to over several hundred employees across India and the U.S., I specialize in assisting CEOs in sculpting their immediate leadership teams. My expertise lies in identifying the pivotal roles and talent types needed at the current and near-future stages of their business. I offer guidance in crafting precise job descriptions for technology, management, and delivery roles, enhancing the recruitment process across the organization.

What I Offer


Talent Architecture

Assisting CEOs in pinpointing the essential roles and talent needed for immediate impact and future growth.

Inclusive and Diverse Recruitment

Collaborating with experts to foster a culture of gender and cultural diversity, eliminating biases and other preconceived notions.

Talent Potential Identification

Recognizing the hidden potential in employees and advising technology leaders on developing growth roadmaps for their teams.

Modern Workplace Culture

Guiding CEOs in creating an environment that resonates with the motivations of Gen Z and millennials, moving beyond the traditional 9 to 5 framework.

Talent Acquisition Expertise

Leveraging my experience in interviewing and nurturing talent, from interns to C-suite executives, to bolster your recruitment strategy.

Talent Evaluation Insights

Sharing my proven methods for spotting exceptional talent and identifying those who may not align with your organizational values.

Transform your team and drive your organization’s success with my direct, professional, and jargon-free approach to strategic talent development and recruitment.

What Does A Startup CEO Actually Do?

As a startup founder, you wear many hats. But what exactly does your role as “”CEO”” entail? Here are three things you need to master.

On the surface, it’s a simple question: what should a startup CEO actually do? But the simplest questions can be the hardest to answer.
You might be surprised by how many scale-up CEOs come to me seeking clarity around their role. Unlike most other positions in a company, such as ‘Product Manager’ or ‘Performance Marketer’, the answer isn’t in the job title.

CEOs have to manage expectations from above, from below, and even from within — and the sum total of these expectations is hard to comprehend, let alone meet.


Yes, I do. The topics I specialise are technology roadmap, future of AI for your business, challenges for founders, the power of blogging and so on.

I don’t conduct trainings, but I do hands-on workshops & gamified programs on specific topics I am passionate about.

No, I am a catalyst. I don’t do the work for you, I help you and your team to acquire the skills necessary to do your job better. I guide you. bring my decades of entrepreneur experience, knowledge across functions that I have picked up, and my deep technical/coding skills to the table.

I don’t. I work on guiding you to a solution to a problem statement which we will handle in the start of our engagement. There will be a per month charge for the number of months we decide to work, typically a quarter or two. We can move on to the next problem once we are done with the first.

I wish I can, but it will be in conflict of interest, so I avoid.

The initial engagement will certainly benefit from physical presence but I find remote to be productive and cost efficient. This can be complimented with offline meetings for important miletstones.

Yes.I have over 30 years of coding experience across languages and platforms. For 20+ years I am proud to be recognised annually as a Microsoft Regional Director, a Honorary title.