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The Power of Connection: Building Remote Teams That Thrive

In today’s digital age, remote work is the norm for many companies. But with geographical distance comes a challenge: fostering a sense of connection and team spirit. Venkatarangan Thirumalai, CEO of Founder Catalyst, shares a powerful story from his early days leading a remote team, highlighting the importance of building connections beyond the project agenda.

The Disconnect in Remote Work

The problem? Video calls often focus solely on projects, leaving little room for human connection. Team members come in, discuss the agenda, and leave without ever truly getting to know one another. This lack of connection can hinder productivity and engagement.

A Story of Connection and Appreciation

Venkatarangan shares a personal anecdote from his experience working with a Japanese software company. His team of 10 had diligently worked on a project for a year, and while he was invited to the client meeting, the team wasn’t. Feeling they deserved recognition, Venkatarangan came up with a unique solution.

Building Bridges Through Video Introductions

He recorded short video introductions from each team member. These introductions weren’t about work; they were a chance for each individual to introduce themselves, share their interests, and express what they enjoyed about the project. It was a way to connect on a personal level.

The Impact of Connection

At the client meeting, Venkatarangan presented these video introductions. The impact was immediate. The senior client team members deeply appreciated the gesture and the chance to connect with the individuals behind the project. This act of connection fostered a strong relationship with the client that lasted for a decade.

The Takeaway: Connection Matters

Venkatarangan’s story emphasizes the importance of going beyond the project to build connections with your team and your clients. Today’s technology offers a wealth of tools like closed captions and real-time translations to facilitate these connections. Remember, at the end of the day, successful teams are built on a foundation of human connection.

By prioritizing connection, you can create a remote team that thrives!